Gur Geva

Chief Executive Officer

Gur Geva is a Chartered Accountant by profession and was placed top student in his first, second and final years of study graduating magna cumlaude and being placed 6th in the country out of 2298 candidates for his final qualifying examination. Gur is a rare combination of a Chartered Accountant, systems architect and marketing expert. Gur has run document collection businesses with a specific focus on the South African Credit Provider space since January 2014.

His understanding of workflow ergonomics was crucial in the design and development of the lnDox collection software. His extensive experience with:

(i) overcoming the hurdles that Credit Providers face
(ii) managing document collection agents efficiencies
(iii) call centre efficiencies
(iv) and leveraging online marketing techniques in a document collection processes; contribute significantly to the efficiencies of InDox.

Gur Geva (Chief Executive Officer)

Chief Executive Officer

CA (SA) M Comm (Tax)

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