Benefit From Outsourcing Your Business Processes With Indox

What is business process outsourcing, who will benefit from it and what services does Indox offer? Find out everything you need to know about BPO.


Video Transcript:


What’s the deal with BPO?

Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO, changes the way that you as a business can change your workload, technology and human capital. Very simply, there are certain bureaucratic bottlenecks and hurdles that you would have to deal. If you want to change a strategy or change something in software dev, your dev team might tell you “sorry, we can only deal that Q4 next year”. At Indox, we’ll change that today! The reason is, we have the agility, the size and the technology to implement your business dreams today. You no longer have to deal with red tape because we cut that tape by outsourcing.


What type of company will benefit from BPO?

The answer to that is very wide. Whether it’s a bank, financial services, insurance, or even an SMME, any headache you have internally, whether it’s document capture, data capture, data enrichment, quality assurance, our service scope is so wide and the only thing we really focus on is: what is a headache for you, how do we problem solve it and how do we cut costs? So don’t be shy to give us a call regardless of the type of entity that you are.


What services do we outsource?

Indox takes care of a wide range of services, whether it’s document collection, data enrichment, data capture and verification, inbound and outbound call centre services or quality assurance. And we provide such a wide range of services because we’ve sat down with many clients over the years, just like yourself, and said: “where is your pain point; where is your headache?”. We don’t impose a service or a specific product on you. We sit with you, understand your solution requirement, whiteboard it and design something that’ll be headache-free; that will drive revenue and cut costs.