How to Pick the Right Call Centre Company

They seem good, but are you sure?

Looking for the right kind of outsourced call centre company for your business isn’t an easy task. You need a call centre company you can truly trust and, while they may seem responsive, and offer great reporting, are they truly equipped to help your company grow? Let’s find out:

Pick the right partner
You’ve outsourced your call centre for a good reason – it takes the heat out of your office and lets a reliable partner better manage the load of your customer service functions. Of course, you made sure that everything was in order, and they’re the right call centre operator for your needs, but what happens when your business changes? Your business environment is always changing, no matter what industry you’re in. Customer needs change as the world evolves, and technology enables so much transformation, that just keeping up with the times can feel like a job all on its own. Pick a call centre company that grows with your business and can adapt to changing customer needs.

Customised Reporting
Statistics and reporting are the true storytellers of your business, and not just an addendum to your annual report. Customised reporting mechanisms will help you get the statistics that count and chart your customer growth and journeys more effectively. But no two companies are the same, and that’s why customised call centre reporting is a must. Before integrating your business operations with an outsourced call centre, clearly define the type of reporting you need, and ensure that your call centre company can provide it.

Metrics that Matter
You know your business and, if you’ve picked the right type of call centre company to partner with, they’ll know the right type of metrics that matter for you. It remains vitally important that you clearly define those metrics, so that your call centre reporting systems adequately reflect your customer’s experiences. Don’t be bamboozled into adopting a reporting system that makes no sense to you. Piles of statistics may seem impressive, but responsive analysis must be undertaken too. If your call centre company claims to use real-time reporting, ask them how you can log in and view statistics on the fly. Don’t get bowled over by good muffins in the fancy boardroom – get a good understanding of the types of analytical reporting you can expect too. Statistical analysis plays a key role in improving your business processes and will tell the true story of your company.

Evolution is an Every Day Process
Your business is growing and changing, so your call centre should too. Don’t forget to regularly assess the key performance metrics your call centre company is committed to, and don’t be afraid to change things up when you need to. While your call centre company might proudly boast about their above-average call handling time, you may be more concerned about the quality of your customer interactions. Re-defining the right kind of metrics for your call centre operations should be an ongoing priority, and one that responds to your customers’ needs.

Integration Makes It Easy
A call centre company that can easily integrate into your business processes is essential. Reliable and secure technologies are a must and, wherever possible, paperless is perfect, no matter what anyone says. Making sure your call centre company can slot in to your systems is vital, but don’t feel too tempted to change your operations for the sake of a potential partner. Of course, if your internal systems could use a shakeup, you’ll know when to make the leap and adopt new technologies, but don’t fall into the trap of adopting technologies on the back of a sales pitch. Instead, ask for references or other clients you can speak to, to better understand their experience of call centre integration.

Take it for a Test Drive
Before you outsource all your call centre operations, take your new call centre company for a test drive. Hand over a small section of your business processes and see how you fare. This is an important step in building a solid relationship with your outsourced call centre, and a test drive helps you pinpoint so many unexpected obstacles, on a much smaller scale. When you’re fixing the small issues on the fly, the bigger ones will take care of themselves.

Finding a call centre company that’s your true partner isn’t easy. At Indox, we make that a little easier, through our experienced team, secure technologies and extensive capability, we’ll implement a fully customised call centre on your behalf, that helps your business grow. Contact us today.