Old School is Still Cool.

Yes, SMS is still an important marketing tool.

Implementing a new sales strategy isn’t as easy as it was in 1982. As the marketing opportunities presented by traditional, digital, and modern media explode, trying to pick the right channel for your message can get a little overwhelming. Here’s the good news: the ‘old school’ technology your company’s call centre has been using for a while now, remains quite relevant and useful! Do it right, and an SMS campaign could be your most successful marketing effort yet.

Ding! You have a message
As mobile phones quickly became our number one means of communication, and the smartphone revolution merrily skipped into our lives, the art of text messaging has taken on so many different formats. Messaging services that range from functional to fabulous dominate so much of human communication nowadays, and it’s no surprise that 2015’s word of the year was an emoji. Putting the flurry of messaging services aside, however, the simple SMS is still a highly impactful marketing tool.

Get your message read
Getting your message distributed might feel like half the battle, but getting your message read is an entirely new battle altogether. Luckily, SMS boasts an open rate that’s among the highest across all forms of marketing. In fact, when you send an SMS to a customer, there’s a 98% chance they’ll open it. If that doesn’t convince you towards letting your call centre team integrate SMS into your marketing campaigns, nothing will.

SMS in your call centre
Utilising an outsourced call centre for your marketing campaigns or customer service operations can be highly beneficial for your business. But, if they’re not using SMS to keep you in touch with your customers, it’s time to consider a call centre that does.

Not just SMS
Of course, an integrated marketing campaign doesn’t focus on just one medium, so incorporating SMS into your larger marketing and customer service efforts is key. Luckily, with an expert outsourced call centre on your side, you’ll be in good hands, who can help you implement effective SMS campaigns that lock into your overarching marketing strategy. You can use SMS for a wide range of sales, marketing, and customer service functions. Everything from promotional messages, information requests, surveys, and more, can be catered for with a simple text message. Staying in touch with your customers is made that much easier (and cheaper!) using SMS too. Don’t sleep on this superb medium!

The Legal Stuff
Remember, however, that sending out unsolicited messages is not something you want to get involved in. Make sure you’re contacting people who have opted in to receive marketing or similar information from you. Working with an experienced and compliant call centre team to implement an SMS strategy is essential, as they’ll ensure your marketing efforts stay on the right side of the law. For more information on what’s allowed, and what’s not allowed in the world of SMS marketing in South Africa, check out the WASPA Code of Conduct.

Implementing a new marketing strategy can be tough, but with the right partners on your side, you’re sure to meet your targets! At Indox, we help companies like yours stay in touch with their customers and grow their businesses by implementing sms marketing campaigns in our Cape Town call centre. Contact Indox today and let’s chat!