Optimising Your Business

It doesn’t happen by accident

Changing the way you work isn’t an overnight process, and it’s certainly not a simple switch-over for your company. More importantly, when you’re looking to making a business process change, you’ll need to ensure that your consumer-facing operations continue without interruption. Implementing a business process change could look a little terrifying, but with the right approach and the right people on board, your company will thrive thereafter.

Your business, your change
For a retail store, that might be relatively simple to do – you can shut your doors at closing time and work through the night to re-engineer your shop floor. But, for a 24/7 always-on company, it’s not that simple. Adopting a business process change that suits your company’s needs is important but implementing it so that your customers aren’t cut off, is key.

Planning for change
Of course, we can’t always plan to change when it’s convenient for us to do so. In fact, as life and the world of business shows us, disruption can be a marvellous catalyst for change, spurring us towards adapting to a new environment or set of circumstances. A key component of readying your company for change is to: always be ready to adapt. As a business owner, you may begin to feel complacent about your operations, or averse to change because systems seem to be working well. Always leave room for a little innovation, and you’ll be able to take a responsive, rather than reactive, approach to change.

Outsource the tough stuff
Your team is feeling a little stretched and having to accommodate for an internal change process might be a little too much to demand. Wherever possible, look at outsourcing the tough stuff, or using a business process outsourcing expert to take care of the more administrative tasks your team must tackle. They may even be able to help you implement some parts of your business change process and take responsibility for certain segments of the project. That’ll leave you freer to focus on your team’s needs, and your customers’ experience.

Measure and report
Every great system starts with a report. Before you shake things up at the office, build a reporting mechanism that’ll give you insight into how this business process change affects different parts of your company. Creating metrics that’ll help you measure the success, or failure, of each element of your business change process, will help you to spot critical points, scale back when needed, and push forward when appropriate. Check in with your team, and your customers, to gauge and report on their experiences too.

You know your business needs to change and adapt to a new environment. At Indox, we help you find new ways to make your business work more efficiently. As an outsourcing company in South Africa and business process outsourcing experts with a call centre in Cape Town, we’ll help you find new ways to work better.