The Paperless Office

Is it possible?

You’ve adopted a paperless approach, and you’re committed to cutting back on printing. You’re distributing meeting agendas over email, and everyone’s learnt how to use their digital signatures. Why then, do you still have a storeroom filled with dusty files? It’s time your office adopted a digitisation policy.

Paperless is possible
The definition of a paperless office is relatively broad, and it includes a keen focus on the efforts undertaken to reduce a company’s use of paper throughout its operation. But, thanks to digitisation, it is becoming ever more possible to move entirely to paperless operations.

Convert and keep it safe
Converting your office archives to a digital format can be quite an undertaking. That’s why it’s usually best to hire an expert, and a reputable business process outsourcing company that’s skilled in digitising paperwork should be your priority. They’ll take those dusty files, piles of paper, and seemingly infinite office records, and quickly convert them into a searchable, accessible database of documents that you can access anywhere. Most importantly, digitisation offers your company an extra level of security. Previously, your office storage room was a potential fire risk, but thanks to an off-site, digital archive of your office records, you’re fully covered if something awful happens.

Offsite and accessible anywhere
Your business process outsourcing company will create a digital database for you and, if you’ve chosen the right sort of provider, you’ll be able to access it from just about anywhere. Using cloud-based technologies to provide you with a secure, yet accessible, repository for your all-important documents and office records, you’ll be one step closer to becoming the paperless company you were planning to be.

The paperless possibility
If you’re battling to convince your team towards a paperless office, remember that every bit of effort is important. You may be moving towards a paperless office because it’s relatively inexpensive, or you may be taking an environmentally conscious stance within your business. No matter your reasons for moving towards a paperless office, these three things can help to motivate your team to think twice before hitting the ‘print’ button:

    • Metrics are every manager’s best friend: Pull a report of how many pages each team member printed over the last month, bundle the figures together and calculate an average number of pages printed across the company. Sometimes, seeing that figure is the motivation everyone needs to think paperless.
    • Change your office policies around post and important documents. Where possible, move your billing to an entirely digital format, and ensure that any bills or statements you’re receiving are being delivered over email.
    • Scale up your technology. Very often, people print documents so that they can cross-reference them with something they see on a screen. Add an extra monitor to everyone’s workstation and printing documents out for this purpose won’t be necessary!

As your business process outsourcing partner, Indox helps you move your company towards a paperless future. Get in touch and let’s start planning your digitisation strategy.