Technology and Processes Differentiate Indox From Other BPO Providers

What makes Indox different from other business process outsourcing companies? The answer is simple: the technology behind the business and how it operates.


Video Transcript:


What makes Indox different from other BPO providers?

In a word: technology.

Indox’s co-founders include entrepreneurs that built the largest ICT business in Africa. So we truly believe and understand the difference that technology can make to business processes.

At Indox we have spent over four years optimising bespoke software. We have built this off a chassis of Gartner top quadrant software and optimised it to communicate with all customers of all LSM levels in all languages, whether this be via SMS, email, contact centre or fax to email or Whatsapp. At all times data and communications are optimised and they are done in the layman’s language that the person can understand, ensuring business efficiency.

Everything we do is signed off by ENSafrica – one of South Africa’s largest attorney firms, which means that the data is compliant with POPI requirements.

It’s very easy and obvious for me as the CEO of Indox to wax lyrical about our capability, but objectively the South African government and Department of Science and Technology awarded Indox a top 3 position in the country for the Technology Top 100 awards.

This gives me the confidence to be certain we can add significant commercial value to your entity.


How can you benefit from our technology and processes?

Due to our efficiency, our technology and process management, we can drastically reduce the costs of your backend processing. We can increase the rate at which customers onboard to your business. We can increase the lifetime value and the revenue associated with those customers by giving you high-quality voice of customer touch and feedback. And, you’re able to scale your business up and down without the human capital and human resource headaches.

All of this wrapped up in the confidence and certainty knowing that your data, processes and all your information is compliant with POPI and security regulations that Indox offers.