Indox Recognised as Top 100 Technology Company

Indox, an outsourcing company in Cape Town who is one of South Africa’s leading Digital Document Collection businesses, has been recognized as among the country’s Technology Top 100 companies. The Technology Top 100 Awards, endorsed by the Department of Science and Technology, identifies role model companies that are leaders in the 4 areas of Technology, […]

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Gur Geva (CEO) Receives Top 100 Technology Company Award from Natalie Du Toit

Gur Geva, CEO of Indox, receives the award for Top 100 Technology companies from Natalie Du Toit. Geva stated: “the Technology Top 100 awards are a significant consolidation of our market position. The awards criteria are extremely strict and the adjudicators’ insight into our industry was remarkably sharp. We are excited about the categories we were awarded for. […]

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Indox receives TT100 award