Customer Complaints Lines

Outsourced customer complaint line management from Indox

When it comes to customer relationship management, it’s important that you listen to what your customers have to say. This is why Indox offers an outsourced complaint hotline to help your business listen to what your customers are saying. Unfortunately, with any business, there will always be complaints. Our complaint line management service gives you to the opportunity to find out what your customers are unhappy about so that you can do your best to fix any issues with your goods or services.

Why choose Indox to set up and manage a complaint hotline?

  • Complaints handling isn’t something that you or your staff members have time to effectively deal with on a daily basis. We capture the information, create reports and give you the feedback so that you can see what customers are saying and make adjustments.
  • Indox’s call centre agents will do what they can when it comes to resolving customer complaints. Our agents will have the necessary knowledge and processes in place in order to deal with everyday issues. This means your employees can focus on their day-to-day tasks which help the company run smoothly.
  • We understand that sensitive issues may arise, which is why we ensure that our call centre agents are fully trained to deal with these situations with empathy and professionalism.

How does complaint line management help your bottom line?

If customers feel they are being heard by the business they are dealing with, they will more likely continue to purchase your products or use your services. A complaint hotline fosters the relationship between your brand and your customers. Engaging with customers is the best way to encourage brand loyalty and returning business. When customers have complaints, they want to feel as though their concerns are being acknowledged and recognised.

Resolving customer complaints will ensure you don’t lose customers over issues that could easily be handled by Indox’s outsourced complaints call centre. This service focuses on customer complaint resolution, which means that your staff don’t have to deal with this in addition to daily tasks. Having a dedicated complaint line management call centre means that customer service is available whenever it is needed, which is important as customers may have issues at any time during the day or night.

We offer outsourced complaint line services to businesses around the world. You will find that Indox is well-known for having the resources to handle all your outsourced call centre needs.

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