Data Extraction

Indox offers outsourced information extraction for your business data

Fostering a relationship with your customers is important. However, you need to be engaging with the right customers, using the correct medium and at the best possible time. This is why we at Indox believe that data extraction is so important and, therefore, offer it as a service. Without proper data, you won’t know who your business’ customers are and how to reach them.

What is data extraction?

Information extraction is the collecting and processing of data. In this way, we ensure that the data captured is properly processed and offers all of the information you need and none of the data you don’t want. We use call centre mining to gather data which is valuable to your business. We then filter that data to extract relevant information.

Why choose Indox to handle your information extraction?

  • By outsourcing your information extraction to Indox, you are handing over the responsibility of collecting data, which frees up your business’ time and resources for important daily tasks and the running of the company.
  • We have the necessary tools and knowledge for accurate contact centre reporting, which means you don’t have to filter through unnecessary information to get to the data you need. We do all of that for you.
  • Our professional and knowledgeable call centre agents are able to perform both call centre data mining and analytics. Through this we have the ability to record the information you need and report back to you with this data.

Why does your business need information extraction?

Having accurate data at your fingertips helps your business follow up on leads, encourage returning business and reach out to potential customers. If you are targeting the right potential and current customers on the correct platform and in a manner that will appeal to them, you are more likely to increase your customer base. Call centre data mining and analytics allow you to do this with very little effort on your part. You are free to focus on the bigger picture while Indox handles the rest.

Indox offers data extraction that results in effective lead generation and prevents your marketing department from having to process irrelevant and unimportant information. We are fully equipped to provide this service to businesses all over the world. Our call centre agents are expertly trained in order to offer the best possible contact centre reporting for your business.

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