Data Verification

Data verification as part of back office processing

At Indox in Cape Town, we believe that data integrity is essential, which is why we offer information verification services as part of our back office outsourcing.

What is data verification with regards to back office processing?

Once data capturing and migration has taken place, we check to ensure that the data is accurate and there are no inconsistencies. When data migration happens, inaccuracies may arise as the data is moved from one system to another. We ensure this doesn’t happen to our clients and verify all data. The data which is verified includes everything from customer details to contact lists.

Inaccurate data collection can lead to a host of issues throughout your business. This includes the following:

  • Incorrect information and document recording are used to form marketing strategies, which will ultimately fail to be effective due to inaccuracies.
  • Inaccurate data is processed, analysed and used to make decisions on the financial future of the business.
  • Data which has not been properly verified can lead to fraudulent claims being made on customer retention and new business, which may be presented to investors or board members.

Whichever industry your business operates in, data integrity is essential. Without proper, independent data verifying processes, your business cannot be certain that the data collected and which decisions are based on is complete and 100 percent accurate. This is where Indox can help you ensure that your business is adhering to best practices by using accurate data.

Inaccurate data could also lead to legal issues. By presenting incorrect information relating to the business, you may be committing an act of fraud. This could have a major financial implication on the business and even result in legal action being taken. This risk could easily be avoided through proper data verification through ID verification systems, document verification and other back office processing methods.

By using back office outsourcing from Indox, you can be certain of the accuracy of all the data that your business relies on to operate at the highest level. By having a third-party ensure the integrity of your data, you are allowing yourself and your employees to focus on the big picture, your bottom line and the daily tasks that make your business run smoothly.

Each and every bit of data your business captures is important and needs to be accurate. Data is, after all, presented as fact. We understand this and that is why we are thorough with our document recording and verification process.

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