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With our document collection services, Indox BPO services in Cape Town makes life easier for your clients and business easier for you. We take charge of collecting and verifying all the documents you as a credit provider require in order to lend money to a borrower. We ensure that all documentation and paperwork is in line with the current legislation as dictated by the National Credit Amendment Act. This allows you to focus on high-priority business matters instead of dealing with processing each and every document needed for a transaction to take place.

The necessary documents which we collect include the borrower’s three most recent payslips, their most recent bank statements, or any alternative documentation which can verify their income and ability to repay a loan. We also verify these documents, which is a process that could be time-consuming for a credit provider, but a simple task for Indox as a professional document processing business.

We are well-versed in outsourced document collection solutions and are capable of collecting any type of document you need. This makes it easier for your clients to hand over the relevant information and for us to verify it as soon as possible. We have professional document collection agents who are there to make the process hassle-free.

We also make use of our bespoke software which was developed specifically with document collection in mind. This technology allows for a seamless transaction of information that we can easily verify. And because we have the tools, experience and knowledge required to make completing the task as simple as possible, we can ensure that all documents are processed to suit your business’ needs.

Document Collection Infographic

Outsourcing to a document collection company has many benefits.

These include:

  • Client retention – The quicker the process is for the customer and the less effort they have to go through in order to transfer their documents to a credit provider, the more likely they are to continue business with you.
  • Higher rate of client acquisitions – The less time you have to spend on document collection and processing, the more time you can spend acquiring new clients.
  • Peace of mind – You can be assured that the documents you require are being collected, verified and processed according to the current legislation.

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