Whistleblowing Lines

Indox can set up and maintain a fraud hotline for your business.

In any industry and for any business, unethical and illegal behaviour can be extremely problematic. It can have financial ramifications, lead to legal difficulties or impact the credibility of your business. This is why Indox offers confidential whistleblowing call centre services in line with the Whistleblowing Act.

What is the Whistleblowing Act?

The Whistleblowing Act, otherwise known as the Protected Disclosures Act, allows for employees of a business to disclose any illegal or unethical behaviour they have witnessed. All whistleblowing procedures, such as the fraud hotline service offered by Indox, ensure that the identity of the whistleblower is kept confidential.

Why choose Indox to set up an outsourced whistleblowing hotline?

  • People are more likely to come forward when they are approaching an independent company.
  • In many cases, people are too scared to speak up because they are worried about their jobs or that they may be confronted by the person they reported. Indox ensures that their information remains private and will not be leaked.
  • Having a fraud hotline such as this allows employees to feel that they can speak out when they witness behaviour which they believe to be unethical or illegal. This leaves staff members comfortable that their employer is committed to being both ethically and legally sound.
  • Indox’s outsourced whistleblowing hotline gives you the ability to truly know what is going on throughout your business, at every level. Any employee can call in and report an incident, without needing to have access to someone in management at the company.
  • It is always best to be able to deal with unethical or illegal practices internally within the company, rather than have an employee contact the media or a legal representative before you have the opportunity to deal with the situation. Indox’s outsourced whistleblowing hotline offers you the ability to tackle any issues before they grow into a larger problem.

What would people report to a whistleblowing hotline?

  • Illegal activities performed by fellow employees or management.
  • Unethical behaviour involving any staff member which they have witnessed.
  • Wrongdoing on the part of a line manager or senior employee.
  • Harassment of any kind, whether sexual, mental, verbal or physical.

Confidential whistleblowing is important when it comes to any business because it makes employees feel safe to speak up with regards to any illegal, unethical or inappropriate behaviour. The fact that their information will not be disclosed is what makes them feel comfortable to approach an outsourced whistleblowing hotline. Indox aims to ensure ethical dealings with whistleblowers, compliance with the law on behalf of the business and maintain confidentiality with regards to the Whistleblowing Act.

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